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Rhododendron crenulatum. R. crebreflorum Til C R. cowanianum

Rhododendron cuffeanum.

 R. cuffeanum KW21909, photo: Parker Smith
R. cuffeanum KW21909 in JARS. https://scholar.lib.vt.edu/ejournals/JARS/v40n2/v40n2-smith.htm, photo: Parker Smith

 R. cuffeanum, photo:
R. cuffeanum fra Burma. Foto: Forestdepartment Myanmar

Rhododendron cuffeanum Craib ex Hutch. Rhododendron cuffeanum Craib ex Hutch. Bot. Mag. 143: t. 8721. 1917 (IK) Local name: Zalatphyu, Taungzalat-ahphyu Common name: Rhododendron Family: Ericaceae Locality: Nat Ma Taung National Park, Chin State Specimen examined: Kyi Kyi Khaing & Myint Myint San (2012-4-26), Nat Ma Taung National Park, Chin State Flowering period: December to May Fruiting period: January to June Taxonomic Description Evergreen epiphytic, usually found on pine trees, 1 4 m high, stem terete, 2 4 cm in diameter; barks grayish brown, with numerous longitudinal and narrow cracks and horizontal small cracks. Found growing between at the elevation of 1800 2400 m. Leaves spiral, deep green above and paler beneath, 7 11 cm long and 1.4 2.7 cm wide; stipules leafy, brownish green to pale green; petioles 0.9 1.5 cm long and 0.1- 0.2 cm wide, canaliculate above, glabrous, whitish green, leaf-blade elliptical, tip acute, margin entire, base acute, glabrous at both surfaces, brownish sports at the lower surface. Inflorescences terminal, racemose, inflorescence primordia subcylindrical with pointed end, 4- or 5-flowered, with involucres of bracts, 6.0 6.5 cm long and 9.0 10.5 cm wide, each flower with a bract. Flower 5.0 6.5cm long and 3.5 6.5 cm wide; pedicels 0.7 1.7 cm long; glabrous, warty, fragrant, complete, bisexual, irregular, xygomorphic, pentamerous, cyclic, hypogynous. Calyx 5, polysepalus, triangular in shape, minute, valvate, with a few hairs and a few warts. Corolla (5), gamopetalous, corolla 5-lobed, 2.0 2.5 long and 1.5 2.1 wide, corolla tube 3 4 long and 2.0 4.4 wide, tubular-campanulate, white, quincuncial, with a few warts at the outer surface.