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Rhododendron 'Menziesia lasiophylla yakushimense' Menziesia petandra Til M Menziesia ferruginea

R. yakushimense (Menziesia lasiophylla)

 Menziesia lasiophylla yakushimense. Foto: H. Eiberg
Menziesia lasiophylla yakushimense. Foto: H. Eiberg

R. yakushimense (Menziesia lasiophylla) (Menziesia) Denne form har blålige blade og stammer fra Yakushima Island.
Hans Eiberg
Craven, L.A. (2011). Diplarche and Menziesia transferred to Rhododendron (Ericaceae). Blumea 56: 33-35. Abstract: The genera Diplarche and Menziesia have been shown to be nested in Rhododendron based upon cladistic analyses of DNA data. Morphologically, the differences between Diplarche and Menziesia are not so great that their inclusion in Rhododendron is inappropriate and the species of these two genera are formally transferred to Rhododendron. The following new names are proposed: Rhododendron benhallii, R. chamberlainii, R. goyozanense, R. × kamatae, R. katsumatae, R. kroniae, R. menziesii, R. menziesii subsp. glabellum, R. multiflorum, R. multiflorum forma bicolor, R. multiflorum forma brevicalyx, R. multiflorum var. purpureum, R. pentandrum, R. pilosum, R. sophistarum, R. yakushimense.