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Rhododendron tanastylum R. tanastylum var. pennivenium Til T R. Taliensia-nova-SHootman

Rhododendron tanastylum var. tanastylum

 R. tanastylum var. tanastylum, photo: Alan Gregg
R. tanastylum var. tanastylum ( fra Hirsutum). Foto: Allan Gregg

R. , photo: Hans Eiberg
R. tanastylum THG2899 i Bremen's Rhododendronpark. Foto: Hans Eiberg

1975/073 Wakehurst (+5). An English form of an obscure species with faint indumentum and light crimson flowers. Tue Jørgensen H. Eiberg.
Flora of China D. Genbank
RBGE herbarium. R. tanastylum
RBGE Herbarium; ombrochares
RBGE Herbarium; cerochitum Flora of China
Small trees or shrubs, 2–6 m tall; older shoots glabrous; young shoots glabrescent. Petiole stout, terete, 10–15 mm, glabrous; leaf blade leathery, sometimes thinly so, ovate-lanceolate to elliptic, 6–17 × 2.5–5.5 cm; base rounded or broadly cuneate; margin not undulate; apex acuminate or obtuse; both surfaces glabrous; abaxial surface paler; adaxial surface matt at maturity; midrib raised; lateral veins 17–20-paired. Inflorescence racemose-umbellate, 4–8-flowered; rachis 10–20 mm, glabrous. Pedicel ca. 1 cm; calyx cupular, lobes 5, 1–3 mm, ovate or triangular, glabrous; corolla tubular campanulate, fleshy, white or pink to deep crimson, with darker spots, 4–4.5 cm, 5 black nectar pouches at base; lobes 5, orbicular, 2–2.5 cm, emarginate; stamens 10, unequal, 2–3.5 cm, filaments glabrous or puberulent at base; ovary conical, 5–8 × ca. 3 mm, glabrous or slightly pubescent; style stout, 3–3.5 cm, glabrous, stigma discoid. Capsule oblong, blunt, ca. 17 × 7 mm, glabrous. Fl. Mar–May, fr. Sep–Nov. Evergreen broad-leaved forests, Pinus forests, thickets, valleys; 1700–3700 m. E Xizang, W Yunnan [NE India, NE Myanmar]. R. tanastylum var. pennivenium